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Kratom & Food

I find that under the effects of Kratom I can eat food. Actually Kratom and Food mix quite well. I wanted to build a page about Kratom Recipes mixing with foods from around the World. I think that Kratom would best mix with a curry as it would mask the bitter taste. My distant ancestors were from England and I've always liked British food. So much so that I build a website dedicated to British Food called: Buy British Food in USA. If your interested in Buying British food, the site links to a store called Poppys Pantry. They ship British food to anywhere in the USA. Like I said, Food and Kratom mix well and I'm very interested in anyone who has any recipes for Kratom & Food (especially British food as this is my passion). Kratom could be mixed with popular British drinks such as Ribena or Robinsons fruit cordial drink.