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Kratom was first introduced into the UK market 12 years ago. It started to become a very popular product from then on with sales steadily increasing. The British took a shine to all types of kratom strains and especially the more potent types of extract. The original extract available was a resin with a strength of 8x and more recently 20x powder has been gaining in popularity. Maeng da is another popular pick for the Brits as the alkaloid content is much higher than commercial kratom. Bali is another very popular kratom, some preferring the effects over Maeng da not one to be missed! In todays modern and fast moving times the Brits have taken a shine to capsules for ease of weighing and convenience. We all know how the British love a nice cup of tea, no surprise kratom infusion hits the spot every time.

The best UK site is KRATOM with a vast range of powders and leaf from all over South East Asia. Whether your looking for red vein Thai or an energetic white Indonesian strain you can find it all at the UK's largest shop. What makes KRATOM stand out from the rest is their supply ability, being able to supply vast quantities of all types of strain freshly harvested and dried to the highest quality. You can always guarantee that KRATOM will have your preferred stain in stock.

Sites to avoid are the smaller companies that do not have a solid supply chain, recently Bikhuk admitted they are having supply issues from Indonesia and their resellers such as Natural Chemistry may soon run out of stock, be very careful about buying your kratom from vendors who may not be able to deliver for weeks or even months at a time. If your looking to buy kratom in the UK stick to the UK's largest vendor, this company has experienced management next day delivery and every product you could ever want all at the highest quality.