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If you looking for wholesale kratom, you need to decide firstly exactly what your looking for. Wholesale Kratom is available in bulk purchases (eg kilos / lbs of kratom powder or extracts) or you might be a store looking to buy Packaged Kratom products at wholesale prices. Either way in order to qualify you will need to prove your either a retail store in a building / stall or your a retail store on the Internet (basically your buying wholesale and retailing the product to the general public). There are many ways to prove this and normally one would provide a Tax ID number or a Re-Sellers Permit number to the wholesaler.

Check our Buy Kratom for a couple of great vendors. Send me a email if your looking for BULK, BULK wholesale. There is a vendor overseas that specializes in this field, but their minimum purchases are quite large and you need to be a verified re-seller in order to purchase, we can help you quickly attain this verification.

Now there is the subject of poor quality kratom vendors - of which there are several. Probably the worst Kratom Wholesale vendor we've seen is Purple Sticky Kratom. Its over priced & over marketed. Do not Buy Wholesale Purple Sticky Kratom. Also be aware of companies offering wholesale kratom with negative marketing approaches. We recently heard of a company selling kratom tea, which goes against the grain of selling as an incense - this is bad for kratom health & future. We even seen packaging stating "better than weed". Its a real shame as this will lead to the demise of kratom for all. Wholesale kratom plants are especially hard to come accross.